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  1. Fixed issue updating multiple account connections at the same time
  2. Renamed config.smtp_passwd to config.smtp_password
  3. Renamed confusing query param key to more specific keys like (name, reason)
  4. Added ?name query param to GET /user/ban/list
  5. Added add/remove driver from tracker company when staff update driver's steam connection
  6. Improved ?order_by handling
    • Improved second key
    • Renamed user_id to userid in GET /member/list
    • Added timestamp to GET /notification/list
    • Added steamid, truckersmpid to GET /member/list
    • Added userid, timestamp to GET /dlog/list
    • Removed type, status from GET /applications/list
    • Added txid to GET /economy/balance/{userid}/transactions/list
    • Added garageid to GET /economy/garages/list
    • Renamed timestamp to create_timestamp in GET /events/list
    • Hint: timestamp mostly refers to timestamp of resource creation
  7. Added config.divisions[].staff_role_ids to limit staff access to each type of divisions
  8. Added config.divisions[].message|channel_id|webhook_url for per-division discord notification
  9. Rename config.application_types[].role_change|allow_multiple to discord_role_change and allow_multiple_pending
  10. Added X-Database-Response-Time when performance-header is enabled
  11. Added Dutch Translation