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0.Added nighty release
1.Fixed the bug that dropup banner does not display on regular / premium plan
2.Fixed the bug that ' in string breaks html element
3.Fixed event description cannot be loaded when editing
4.Fixed the bug of falling into endless loop of getting logo.png
5.Fixed the issue that 2FA login resets when OTP is invalid occasionally
6.Reduced the number of logo.png requests by saving it into logob64 (after base64 encode) in memory
7.Added /member/@me as alternative to user's own profile
8.Added Clear Cache button
9.Added activity parse
10.Added browser icon in sessions
11.Added page separator for pending division validation request
12.Added Download Default (if exists) and Download Current button to web config editor - Custom Application & Style
13.Added option to enable Discord & Application notification before submitting application
14.Added better support to distance-based challenge
15.Improved challenge status badge
16.Improved language string table