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[Minor changes]
1.[Dlog] Improved dlog to support empty delivery log data (detail)
2.[Auth] Updated GET /auth/discord/callback and GET /auth/steam/callback Referer Check to only make sure the request is not direct
3.[Auth] Added Referer Check to GET /auth/steam/connect
4.[Auth] Added In-guild Check to POST /auth/password and GET /auth/steam/callback
5.[Auth] Improved In-guild Check to return must_join_discord error when Discord API Response Code is 404
6.Added X-Audit-Log-Reason header when updating User Discord Roles through Discord API
[New features]
7.[Member] Added Navio API Error to response of PATCH /member/roles (e.g. Steam profile is not public)
8.[Member] Added last_seen to order parameter of GET /member/list and last_seen_after parameter to GET /member/list
[Major changes]
9.[Dlog] Improved Delivery Log Export (Added many more details, including division & challenge)
10.[Downloads] Reworked downloads plugin, added item-based management and downloads click count
11.Added per-function (endpoint) permission control (Note that existing integrated permissions are not modified)

Endpoint Added Permission
GET, PATCH /config config
PUT /reload reload
DELETE /auth/mfa disable_user_mfa
PUT /member add_member
PATCH /member/roles update_member_roles
PATCH /member/point update_member_points
DELETE /dismiss dismiss_member
GET /user/list get_pending_user_list
PUT, DELETE /user/ban ban_user
PATCH /user/discord update_user_discord
DELETE /user/connections delete_account_connections
DELETE /user delete_user
PATCH /application/positions update_application_positions

12.Optimized database query

Endpoint Note
GET /dlog/list Improved division & challenge query, added division & challenge name in response
GET /user/list Improved banned info query