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Breaking changes ⚠️
Note: This is a release focusing on updating the user system, to allow every user to have a uid and use uid to identify users, rather than using discordid.
Warning⚠️: Major database structure updates involved, backup the database before upgrading to this version.
Hint: It's no longer necessary to place an in the directory to upgrade, the upgrader is coded into the main program, which will be executed automatically.

[Database Changes]
1.Reordered columns in user table, added uid before userid. uid will be assigned to everyone with an AUTO INCREMENT property, userid will only be given to accepted members
2.Swapped order of update_staff_timestamp and update_staff_userid in application table
3.Changed tables using discordid to identify users to use uid.
Affected Tables: user_password, user_activity, user_notification, banned (it's complex), application, session, auth_ticket, application_token, settings
4.Changed auditlog using userid to identify users to use uid
5.Renamed temp_identity_proof to auth_ticket.
6.Changed steamid,truckersmpid=-1/0 to NULL
7.Added AUTO_INCREMENT property to user.userid, user_notification.notificationid, dlog.logid, announcement.announcementid, application.applicationid, challenge.challengeid, downloads.downloadsid, event.eventid, thus removed nxtuserid, nxtnotificationid, nxtlogid, nxtappid, nxtannid, nxtchallengeid, nxtdownloadsid, nxteventid in settings

[API Changes]
1.Added ?uid query param to GET /member/banner, GET /user, PATCH /user/profile
2.Added uid to order_by of GET /user/list, GET /member/list
3.Changed ?discordid query param to ?uid for DELETE /user/mfa, DELETE /user
4.Changed discordid in json data of PUT /member, PUT/DELETE /user/ban, DELETE /user/connections to uid
5.Moved ?userid query param of /member/dismiss to path (/member/dismiss/{userid})
6.Moved uid in json data to query param for DELETE /user/connections
7.Renamed /user/tip to /auth/ticket