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  1. Fixed Trucky webhook handling issues
  2. Fixed update-connection failure when the provided connections are unchanged
  3. Fixed incorrect role_history data being returned
  4. Updated update-connection logic
    • Non-member users with conflicting connections will no longer be deleted automatically.
    • It is required to delete connection-conflicting users manually to proceed.
  5. Updated delete-connection logic
    • Steam & TruckersMP connection will no longer be deleted by default.
    • It is no longer needed to dismiss a member before deleting connections.
    • It is allowed to delete a specific connection by providing it in path.
    • The endpoint has been re-routed from DELETE /user/{uid}/connections to DELETE /user/{uid}/connections/{connection}. {connection} is a string whose value is among email, discordid, steamid, truckersmpid.
  6. Added ?email query param to GET /user/profile
  7. Added support to TrackSim-Trucky Hybrid Tracker
    • Definition of "default tracker": config.tracker if config has not been updated to the new format, or config.tracker[0].type if config has been updated to the new format.
    • The upgrader will set all user's tracker to the default tracker. The format of config.tracker will also be updated, which is a list containing multiple dictionaries, whose format looks like {"type": str, "company_id": int, "api_token": str, "webhook_secret": str, "ip_whitelist": list}.
    • On POST /user/{uid}/accept, tracker should be provided to set the tracker the user will be using. Otherwise, the default tracker will be used.
    • A new endpoint POST /user/tracker/switch has been created to allow user or staff to change the user's tracker. update_member_roles permission is required to update the tracker for another user.
    • tracker attribute has been added to user object.
    • When a driver is to be added to the tracker company, the driver will be added to all tracker companies no matter which tracker they choose to use. This is to prevent additional work to be done when the driver changes the tracker in the future.
    • When a driver submits a job, tracker_in_use will be checked to ensure that the data is coming from the correct tracker to prevent duplicate jobs.
    • Theoretically, there is no hard limit on the number of trackers, even if they are of the same type. But adding too many trackers may lead to downgraded performance on relevant functions, including adding/removing drivers to/from the tracker company. Though measures have been taken to prevent duplicate jobs from the same tracker being logged when multiple webhooks are sent at the same time (there is lag on database and multiple webhooks coming in at the same time may cause inability to detect duplicate jobs), we cannot promise that no duplicate jobs from the same tracker will be logged.
    • Hence, considering that we currently support TrackSim and Trucky as tracker, it's recommended to configure up to 2 trackers, one of TrackSim and one of Trucky.