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[Bug fixes]
1.Fixed the bug that PATCH /member/roles/rank is always returning discord_integrations_disabled response
[Minor changes]
2.Changed unauthorized responses due to insufficient permission to forbidden
3.Updated upgrader to require upgrade parameter in sys.argv
4.Added config.language to set company language for delivery log embed (audit log will always be in English)
5.Updated activity info to program-friendly (frontend need to be updated to parse it)
6.[Challenge] Added notification when challenge reward points is updated
[Major changes]
7.[Dlog] Added endpoint to delete deivery log: DELETE /dlog
8.[User] Added endpoint to set and get language: GET, PATCH /user/language
9.Updated ml.translate to consider user language if set (if not, then fall back to Accept-Language)
10.Added full multilang support for all notification
11.Polished Discord Notification of Login & Application & Division (better using embed)
12.Added per-function notification settings
13.Added multilang_helper to better manage translations internally