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1-2. [Internal code changes]
3.Removed percentage from config.ranks[].daily_bonus.streak_type to prevent excessive bonus
4.Renamed config.ranks[].bonus to distance_bonus
5.Disabled TrackSim webhook signature validation when webhook secret is not configured
6.Added ?after|before to GET /dlog/statistics/details
-> Rate limit: 3req/10sec (only applies to requests with time-range query)
7.Added ?attended_by to GET /events/list
8.Renamed ?creator_userid to ?created_by for GET /downloads/list, /polls/list
9.Renamed ?userid to ?completed_by for GET /challenges/list, /challenges/{challengeid}
10.Added ?created_by to GET /announcements/list, /applications/list, /challenges/list, /events/list
11.Added ?requested_by to GET /divisions/list/pending
12.Added email, account_connections, activity, public_profile privacy options
-> Certain staff could always surpass privacy options and get user info
13.Added PATCH /user/activity and config.use_custom_activity
-> When use_custom_activity is false, then PATCH /user/activity will be disabled and activity will be automatically updated when the user does certain API operations. When use_custom_activity is true, activity will not be automatically updated and user must use PATCH /user/activity to update the activity, but last_seen is always automatically updated