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1.Fixed db creating ratelimit TABLE with ip COLUMN rather than identifier COLUMN
2.Fixed Discord register is not considering config.register_methods
3.Fixed GET /auth/ticket adding user wrapper
4.Removed legacy str: true/false detection in JSON
5.Removed event announcement type and event staff check
6.Removed int->str conversion for /member/perms, /member/ranks, /member/roles, /division/list, /application/types
7.Renamed config.divisions[].point to config.division[].points
8.Moved /uptime to /status, added database status
9.Improved /application/list?all_user=true to show all applications for admin when config.application_types is not correctly configured
10.Added caching to ratelimit to reduce database queries when there's excessive traffic (aka global ratelimit)
11.Added string table for audit log and improved existing string table
12.General improvements on the source code
13.Dropped %_old tables created by v2.1.0 update