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1.Merged ConsolaBold with SansSerif to support a larger character set
2.Added unicode normalization to remove decoration to make more characters drawable
3.Added division text length limiter to prevent overflowing into logo image
4.Increased precision of changing username and highest role font size to 1 (originally 5)
5.Improved highest role positioning algorithm
6.Optimization (avg. 98ms/banner, originally 460ms/banner)
[Bug fixes]
1.Fixed PATCH /config cannot update config.language
2.[User] Fixed GET /user activity adding a trailing ")"
[Minor changes]
3.Added config keys sorter to better organize config file
4.[Member] Added already_have_discord_role response for PATCH /member/roles/rank when member is under distance required by lowest rank
5.[Dlog] Added order_by (logid, max_speed, profit, fuel, distance) request param to GET /dlog/list
6.Added support to Discord API v10