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1.Fixed the issue that delivery webhook post would fail when config.delivery_gifs = []
2.Added audit log for PATCH /config and PATCH /downloads
3.Added config.steam_callback_url to redirect to custom frontend page
4.Changed to use official TruckersMP API to get TruckersMP ID with Steam ID
5.Changed query parameter from search to query for GET /members
6.Updated endpoint path (details in table below)
7.Improved fault-tolerance (integar / string) for config (except config.perms)
8.Improved and simplified code structure by using authentication API (in

Endpoint Name Old Path New Path
Validate token GET /user/validate GET /token
Request new token GET /user/refresh PATCH /token
Revoke token POST /user/revoke DELETE /token
Reset application token POST /user/apptoken PATCH /token/application
Redirect to Steam OAuth GET /user/steamauth GET /user/steam/oauth
Steam OAuth callback GET /user/steamcallback GET /user/steam/callback
Validate Steam OAuth (connect Steam account) POST /user/steambind PATCH /user/steam
Validate TruckersMP account (connect TruckersMP account) POST /user/truckersmpbind PATCH /user/truckersmp
Get delivery logs GET /dlog/list GET /dlogs
Get delivery log detail GET /dlog/detail GET /dlog
Get members GET /member/list GET /members
Get member detail GET /member/info GET /member
Update rank role PATCH /member/discordrole PATCH /member/role/rank
Get users GET /user/list GET /users
Get user details GET /user/info GET /user
Get applications GET /application/list GET /applications
Get divisions GET /division/list GET /divisions
Get pending division validation GET /division/validate GET /divisions/pending
Get division detail GET /division/info GET /division
Request division validation POST /division/validate POST /division
Update division validation PATCH /division/validate PATCH /division
Get all events GET /event/full GET /events/all