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1.Automated discord_callback_url and discord_oauth_url generation, hence removed it from config
2.Added function to connect/update Discord account
-> Added discord_callback to config.frontend_urls
-> Added ?connect_account request param to /auth/discord/redirect to return dynamic oauth url
-> Added route /auth/discord/connect which redirects to frontend (config.discord_callback) with access code
-> Added route PATCH /user/discord which takes the access code in JSON and updates Discord account
Note /auth/discord/connect needs to be added to redirect uri of Discord application besides /auth/discord/callback to make it work
3.Added config.register_methods[] to restrict registration methods, accept email, discord, steam
4.Added config.steam_api_key which will be used to get user profile when they register with Steam
Hint Get the API Key at
5.Added support to Steam register
-> When /auth/steam/callback is called by a user whose steamid is not recognized in database, then register a new account for the user
-> The user's Steam name and avatar will be set as their Drivers Hub default name and profile