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  1. Reordered config keys
  2. Fixed error loading languages files with utf-8 encoding
  3. Fixed error handling Trucky job with refuel event
  4. Updated error message for tracker.{api_token|webhook_secret} to trackers[{index}].{api_token|webhook_secret}
  5. Updated ban_history logic to create history record once ban is placed
  6. Renamed values of config.delivery_rules.action for easier understanding:
    • bypass -> keep_job
    • drop -> drop_data
    • block -> block_job
  7. Added auto-fill for missing attributes in config.delivery_rules
  8. Removed application position handling - this should be done by frontend
  9. Added country/region handling for local network
  10. Renamed permissions
    • NOTE: Position-based permissions Human Resources Manager (hrm) and Human Resources (hr) have been removed. Roles with these permissions will be granted relevant function-based permissions automatically. This grant will be done in all future releases as long as hrm and hr permissions still exist in config.perms.
Old Permission Name New Permission Name
admin administrator
config update_config
restart restart_service
add_member accept_members
dismiss_member dismiss_members
update_member_roles update_roles
update_member_points update_points
update_user_connections update_connections
disable_user_mfa disable_mfa
manage_profile manage_profiles
get_sensitive_profile view_sensitive_profile
get_privacy_protected_data view_privacy_protected_data
get_user_global_note view_global_note
update_user_global_note update_global_note
get_pending_user_list view_external_user_list
ban_user ban_users
delete_user delete_users
import_dlog import_dlogs
delete_dlog delete_dlogs
audit view_audit_log
announcement manage_announcements
application manage_applications
delete_application delete_applications
challenge manage_challenges
economy_manager manage_economy
balance_manager manage_economy_balance
truck_manager manage_economy_truck
garage_manager manage_economy_garage
merch_manager manage_economy_merch
division manage_divisions
downloads manage_downloads
event manage_events
poll manage_polls