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1.Fixed inaccurate data of GET /dlog/statistics/chart|summary
2.Separated ETS2/ATS data of GET /dlog/statistics/chart
3.Added ?joined_after|before to GET /user/list, /member/list
4.Converted delivery_log_channel_id, webhook_division(_message), webhook_audit to hook_delivery_log, hook_division, hook_audit_log to support both webhook_url and channel_id
5.Renamed config.application_types[].webhook to webhook_url, added channel_id
6.Increased channel_id priority in AutoMessage, which will try using channel_id before using webhook_url if set
7.Added queue for most Discord API calls to handle 429s
8.Improved notification DM rate limit handler
9.Added dlog_stats building and GET /dlog/statistics/details
10.Added config.ranks[].bonus for bonus points when submitting a job after driver reaches a rank

There are 3 major updates in this release:
1. Queuing Discord API calls to prevent 429s, meaning that theoretically you can put unlimited roles in role_change field
2. Added dlog_stats, you may "early access" it via API /dlog/statistics/details. This works like 2022 Wrapped but this time we integrated it into backend and added real-time updates (there might be a delay of up to 60 seconds)
3. Added automatic bonus points with config.ranks[].bonus, the configuration format is shown below:

  • * min_distance/max_distance: int
  • *probability: float = 0~1
  • * type: str = fixed_value/fixed_percentage/random_value/random_percentage
  • val: int/float when type is fixed_*
  • min/max: int/float when type is random_*