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1.Removed secret data from GET /application/types
2.Removed config.application_types[].discord_role_id that only supports adding roles
3.Added config.application_types[].role_change to support addition/removal of multiple roles
4.5.[Internal code changes]
6.Updated maximum value of timestamp-related data to 9223372036854775807
7.Renamed application_type, update_timestamp, last_update_staff in request and response to type, respond_timestamp, last_respond_staff
8.Renamed ?created_by in GET /applications/list to ?submitted_by
9.Added ?submitted_after|before, ?responded_after|before and ?responded_by to GET /applications/list
10.Added ?order_by to GET /applications/list (supported values: applicationid, type, status, submit_timestamp, respond_timestamp, applicant_uid, respond_staff_userid)
11.Renamed ?after|before to ?meetup_after|before, added ?departure_after|before, ?min|max_vote|attendee to GET /events/list
12.Renamed ?after|before to ?created_after|before for GET /announcements/list, /polls/list
13.Added ?created_after|before to GET /challenges/list, /downloads/list, /events/list
14.Added ?end_after|before to GET /polls/list
15.Added ?min|max_click to GET /downloads/list
16.Updated application plugin logic: Setting status to pending will not reset respond_timestamp
17.Moved route PATCH /applications/{applicationid} to POST /applications/{applicationid}/message
18.Added PUT/DELETE /tracksim/driver/{userid} route to add/remove driver from TrackSim company