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1.Added support to custom avatar and name (Updated PATCH /user/profile)
-> Disabled automatic sync to Discord profile on login
-> Disabled default action of syncing to Discord profile, sync_to_discord=true in request param is required
-> Added config.avatar_domain_whitelist[] to restrict the domain of avatar URL
Note Subdomains are included! For example, if is in the list, then,, etc will be accepted.
-> Added config.allow_custom_profile to enable/disable the function for regular users, if disabled, then only users with permission admin, hrm, hr, manage_profile will be able to update profile for themselves or other users.
2.Renamed config.in_guild_check to config.must_join_guild
3.Added config.required_connections[], accept email, discord, steam, truckersmp.
-> Removed config.truckersmp_bind
Note Connections are checked when accepting a user as member and creating an application. Steam connection is always required when adding driver role to user due to tracker authentication.
4.Moved in-Discord-guild check from login to when creating application