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  1. Added POST /status/database/restart to manually restart database pool
    • There is no access control for this endpoint because access control will not work when database is down.
    • Database must be unavailable when requesting database pool restart.
    • Automatic restart should usually work and this function is only a last solution.
  2. Fixed issues related to member role handling
    • Updated GET /member/banner to use order id to order roles rather than using role id
    • Fixed PATCH /member/roles error when adding/removing an unknown role
  3. Fixed Trucky job format conversion issues
    • Fixed error handling new jobs when real_driven_distance_km = None
  4. Improved economy plugin
    • Fixed GET /economy leading to broken garages and trucks list
    • Fixed GetTruckInfo error when vehicleid = None
    • Fixed 422 errors when calling truck-related endpoints
    • Fixed incorrect damage data being used (total_damage, should be current_damage)
    • Fixed self being used as default owner on POST /truck/transfer
    • Fixed purchasing merch does not correctly deduct balance
    • Added visibility attribute to result of GET /economy/balance
    • Added the wear_ratio calculation
    • Added PATCH /balance/{userid} to update balance without making transaction
    • Limited transaction economy date range to 90 days
    • Limited job income to 4294967296
    • Included all types in transaction list & export