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[Bug fixes]
1.[Member] Fixed PATCH /member/roles/rank giving highest role when there is no point = 0 role
[Minor changes]
2.[Member] Added automatic redirect for /member/banner to ?userid= when query param is not userid
3.[Announcement] Added order_by (announcementid or title) and title (for searching) parameter to GET /announcement
4.[Division] Moved divisionid to request param instead of form data for POST /division, PATCH /division
5.[Division] Added page, page_size, divisionid parameter to GET /division/list/pending
6.[Division] Added division info to GET /dlog
7.[Division] Added detailed division info to GET /dlog/list, removed division_validated field
8.[Division] Added division request param to /dlog/list to query division delivery, removed recent_deliveries from GET /division
9.[Event] Added title (for searching) parameter to GET /event
10.Improved audit log
[New features]
11.[User] Updated DELETE /user, moved discordid to request params. If specified, then delete user with the Discord ID. Otherwise delete user themselves. This will not delete a member
12.[Config] Added config.delivery_rules with max_profit, max_speed, action sub-keys. action could be block, drop, bypass. block will reject the delivery from webhook post, drop will drop the item that violated the rule, bypass will accept the delivery (or, disable the rules). drop will only work for max_profit, by reducing it to 0.
13.[Challenge] Added new plugin: challenge