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1.Config format update (Use in release to upgrade config to v1.10.1)
a) Item name changes

Old Name New Name
vtcprefix vtc_abbr
vtcname vtc_name
hexcolor hex_color
vtclogo vtc_logo_link
teamupdate team_update_image_link
domain apidomain
dhdomain domain
guild guild_id
navio_token navio_api_token
delivery_gifs delivery_post_gifs
bot_token discord_bot_token
team_update_message webhook_teamupdate_message
driver_channel_id welcome_channel_id
welcome_image welcome_image_link
welcome_roles welcome_role_change
division_manager_role webhook_division_message
divisions[].roleid division[].role_id

b) Removed public_news_role and private_news_role in config, merged them to discord_message_content which will be provided in form
c) Merged ranking and rankname to ranks = [{"distance": 0, "name": "", "role_id": 0}]
d) Changes on application system
i) Removed assign_application_role, applicant_driver, applicant_staff, loa_request, human_resources_role
ii) Created application_types (role_id is role to assign to applicant, message is content of webhook message)
iii) id = 1~4 are reserved for special use and must not be changed
e) Added downloads to config.permission
f) Changed all int to str to prevent precision lose

2.Changed GET /token response extra to note
3.Removed driver_of_the_day from GET /dlog/stats (use leaderboard instead)
4.Changed all int response element to str
5.Changed GET /dlog response data to detail
6.Changed GET /dlog/chart addup parameter to sum
7.Changed GET /application response data to detail