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[Bug fixes]
1.[Auth] Fixed the bug that ban check is not performed on steam & password login
2.[Auth] Fixed the bug that referrer check does not work
[Minor changes]
2.[Auth] Increased session life to 30 days
3.[Auth] Increased max session count to 50
4.[Auth] Removed endpoint GET /token/all, added endpoint GET /token/list
5.[Auth] Added country, user_agent and last_used_timestamp to session table
6.[Auth] Changed session IP check to country check
7.[Auth] Added last_used_before request param to DELETE /token/all
8.Added Discord Bot Token Validation to prevent invalid tokens from being used
9.Added config.allowed_navio_ips
[Major changes]
10.Added translation for all endpoints (except Navio Webhook)
11.Added Russian, Turkish and Italian translation
12.Improved rate limit response
13.Added user-controllable Discord Notification and removed discord_bot_dm from config
i) Added endpoint PATCH /user/notification/{str:notification_type}/enable, PATCH /user/notification/{str:notification_type}/disable, GET /user/notification/settings
ii) Discord Notifications use the same content as Drivers Hub Notifications
iii) Notifications are queued up to prevent Drivers Hub being rate limited by Discord API.
iv) If Drivers Hub fails to send a DM, Discord Notification (including Event Notification) will be disabled.
v) All previously enabled-by-default Discord DMs have been disabled. User will have to manually enable Discord Notification to make DMs work