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1.Fixed audit log on user resignation and when removing driver from tracker company
2.Fixed PATCH /applications/positions route
3.Fixed issue updating member's distance point
4.Fixed dlog summary statistics issue with summing up due to None data in one or more columns
5.Added ?userid to GET /dlog/export
6.Added more triggers of Role Connection update: on profile update, driver role addition/removal, member resignation, member dismissal and user deletion
7.Improved user ban system
i) When a user connects a banned third-party account, his/her current account will be banned
ii) Staff may ban users who don't exist in Drivers Hub with their email, discordid etc
8.Improved user deletion procedure
i) When a user requests to delete his/her account, it'll be deleted after 14 days
ii) User may login twice to recover account
iii) When a staff deletes a user's account, his/her account will be deleted immediately
9.Updated Discord and Steam callback to return JSON response. Web client should handle callback from third-party servers and forward request params to API for validation
Note For Discord OAuth, web client must add callback_url (redirect_uri) in request params which is required by Discord
10.Added automatic config reloader (by detecting file changes) - To solve the issue that config cannot be synced between workers
11.Allowed public access of GET /config for partial config that is available to public
12... [Internal Changes]