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The Team

Project Team

We make decisions and plan for the future of this project. Making it better all the time!

  • Owner - CharlesWithC
      Hey! I'm Charles, creator of this project. All the code of core program is written by me alone. You may be surprised at my being just 16y.o. and having done so much development stuff alone. I also hold root access to the server and the domain. I could answer all questions related to project and how it works, but you should reach out to Support Team first. Have fun playing with our Drivers Hub!
  • General Manager - Shadows
      Hello there! My name is Shadows, and I am one of the Co-Founders of this Project alongside my friend Charles. This project originally began with At The Mile Logisitcs (My VTC) but while chatting with Charles with the idea of doing Drivers Hub for other VTCs since at the time no one was doing Hubs for VTCs just trackers (TrucksBook, Pickup and VTLog). So I told him I can help him in any way to bring this project up to VTCs who really needed a custom Drivers Hub using custom trackers such as Navio (closed) and now TrackSim. If you need me, just ping me! We will always strive to make CHub be more custom and more stable. We hope you enjoy our Drivers Hub!

Upper Staff Team

We stay closest with Project Team and assist them with management, development and marketing!

  • Community Manager (CM)

    •   We manage the community to make sure there's no one breaking the rules!
  • Development Team (DT)

    •   We develop the Utility Bot.
  • Support Manager (SM)

    •   We manage the Support Team to improve the help/support assistance we provide!
  • Marketing Manager (MM)

    •   We manage the Marketing Team and try our best to promote this project so others know about it and make it bigger!

Members of Upper Staff

  • Snap Dragon (CM+SM)
      Hey there! My name is Snap, my story about meeting the CHub project started when we, as GökBörü VTC, needed a Hub solution. So, we discovered CHub and started using it because we believe it is the best solution on the market. Over time, I learned more about the project and the hub, and with the strong support of the API and my high level of JSON knowledge, I created various advanced structures, thus making contributions and suggestions in various fields for the development of the project.
    Thanks to these, I started working directly on the project as Support Manager. Over time, I have performed various innovations and created structures in the Support Team, and as the Support Team, we do our best to improve the support experience of the customers and provide them with adequate support when they need it.
    In my Community Manager role, which is my other role here, I make sure that the community is of high-quality standards.
    In short, I'm familiar with a lot of details, structures and settings on the project and I'm involved in various active development phases, so if you need help with anything or want to ask any questions feel free to create a ticket on Discord! I will be happy to answer them as soon as possible.
    I think this was a mini book, but this is the only way I could summarize my background on this project.
  • Blizzy (DT)
      Howdy! My name is Tyler (or Blizzy), and I'm part of the development team here at CHub. I've been a member of the team since I discovered the Hub via my first VTC back in July of 2022. My main work focuses on mocking up and beta testing new features for the Utility Bot, usually via internal work with the API at At The Mile Logistics. Outside of CHub, I'm a part of management at At The Mile, as well as spending my days as a research assistant with my university studying arithmetic reasoning with artificial synaptic networking. I'm also a Discord dev when I have time, so feel free to reach out with any questions or comments!
  • Brutal_Outlander (CM)
  • ItsHarryUK (MM)
  • Amateus (MM)
    Members who do not have a self-introduction will be updated when they are ready!

Staff Team

We contribute to the progress and improvement of the project in various branches (mostly in the support branch at the moment) and fulfil our duties in cooperation with our team managers.

  • Support Team (ST)

    •   We provide CHub subscribers with the best possible support assistance.
  • Marketing Team (MT)

    •   We try our best to promote this project so others know about it and make it bigger!

Members of Staff

  • Imaginemanimagined (ST+MT)
      Greetings. My name is ImaginemanImagined and I am a Support Staff at CHub. I am a Staff member at CHub because I want to help people as much as I can but questions about programming are my weakness so I usually don't handle such tickets. If you do need any assistance, feel free to ask in our Discord Server! Kind regards!
  • AlexTheTruckDriveRrYT (ST+MT)
      Hello! My name is Alexander. A 14 years old boy from Bulgaria. I love sports, truck simulators and FPS games. Very active at Discord and I love to talk with people. I am from the Support and the Marketing team in CHub! I enjoy my positions and I would love to continue be part of the team!
  • Enrikas (ST)
      Heya I'm Enrikas, I'm 15 years old from Lithuania and currently living in the United-Kingdom, I absolutely love Trucking, Farming & Simulation games because it's so realistic! In real life I love doing PE (Physical Education) such as Football, Basketball, Running (100 meters, 200 meters etc). I joined TruckersMP 9 months ago and had a passion about Events throughout my journey I've applied for Event Team/Manager in many diffrent VTCS! I also love begin helpful as it's a good thing todo! In CHub it's my goal to help & handle tickets if you have any technical issues! If you need any help feel free to open a ticket and I might aswell handle it!
  • Kristof (ST)
  • HuckinB (ST)
  • NatYou (ST)
    Members who do not have a self-introduction will be updated when they are ready!