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Billing Policy

Only verified PayPal email: ( @CharlesWithC#7777's account)
If anyone else (including staff) is asking you for money, it's scam and please open a ticket to report it to us!
*Note: Payment reminders from management team are not considered as asking for money.

All Automatic
All process could be done automatically if it's done correctly. @CHub#9248 will interact with you for payments.
Use buttons on to pay development cost and subscribe.
For subscription payment, you must use PayPal Automatic Subscription.
Alternatively, you might use Patreon if you don't have a PayPal account. However, the price is higher due to fees. And payments might only be updated on weekends as @CHub#9248 do not check Patreon subscription automatically. (We will not cancel your subscription if the weekend comes in the next month.)
If payment for the month is not received, we reserve the right to suspend your hub. Read "Subscription Policy" below for details.

You can request an invoice for the subscription of the month or for the setup when you register.

Subscription Policy
You are required to send subscription payment before / on due date. The due date is the same day of the month as when you subscribed our service.
You'll be reminded before due date. You'll not be notified if you used automatic subscription or have already sent the payment.
If you didn't send payment after due date, or we failed to get payment from automatic subscription, you'll be warned to send the payment.
If you are able to provide a valid reason, we might consider to extend your due date for the current month, the maximum length is 1 month.
14 days after due date / extended due date, you'll get a yellow alert. That means we'll suspend your Drivers Hub. The Drivers Hub will not be accessible but data are preserved and we're able to resume service at any time when we receive the payment.
42 days after due date / extended due date, you'll get a red alert. That means we'll terminate your Drivers Hub after 7 days. All data will be deleted and not recoverable.

Refund Policy
i) Drivers Hub Development Cost
Development Cost for basic drivers hub (including any plugins) are paid one-time and not refundable. ii) Custom Function Development Cost
If we cancelled development, client will be fully refunded for the additional development cost paid. If client cancelled development, client will be refunded only if the development has finished less than 50%.
iii) Subscription
Client can cancel subscription at any time, service will stop until the final due date. Received payments are not refundable.

Subscription Cancellation and Data Storage
i) Cancelled by us
This is very unlikely to happen unless we noticed huge issues with clients (most likely to be legal issues)
Service will be cancelled immediately and clients will receive backup of database, including all data except confidential data.
ii) Cancelled by client
Service will be cancelled after current subscription cycle ends. Clients are able to ask for database backup except confidential data after one month if they could provide a valid reason of cancelling the service.

*Confidential data
Related to how our drivers hub works, including encoded telemetry data and hidden variables that are not displayed on frontend.