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Login to Drivers Hub

Previous Step: Initial Setup
You've created an "empty" Drivers Hub and got the email and password to login as root, then let's configure the Drivers Hub to make it fully function!
Note that we created a Drivers Hub of Frontend V2 and the following guide will be done on it. It might be different from Frontend V1.

  1. Open the Login Page by clicking the domain when you submitted the information.

    Alternatively, append /login to the domain and enter it in the address box of your browser.

  2. Enter the given email and password.
    Note that you cannot login with Discord until you correctly configured Discord Application.

  3. Complete the captcha.

  4. You'll be logged in automatically after the captcha is completed.
    Note that some data and plugins you purchased might not show until you finish configuration.

  5. Click Configuration to start configuring the API.
    Note that this guide will help you configure the JSON Config.

Next step: Configure The Discord Application