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Job Not Logged

Why isn't the driver added to the tracker company automatically?

In the event of an error, a log entry should appear in the audit log. If you encounter messages such as "Unauthorized" or "Forbidden," ensure that you have correctly set the Tracker API Token. If the log indicates that the user does not have a compatible game, the user must set their Steam profile to public when being added to the tracker (assuming they have purchased either ETS2 or ATS).

Why isn't my job visible on the tracker dashboard?

If your job is not appearing on the tracker dashboard, it may not be logged correctly. Please ensure that the user associated with the job is added to the company on the tracker platform. Typically, when a member is assigned a role with driver permissions, they are automatically added to the company on the tracker platform. However, if the Tracker API Token is not configured correctly, this function may not work as expected.

Why isn't my job visible on Drivers Hub even if it appears on tracker dashboard?

There could be various reasons for this situation. Begin by checking the audit log in the Drivers Hub to see if there are any references to Rejected Webhook or Blocked by delivery rules.

If not, ensure that you have accurately configured the webhook on the tracker platform. The correct URL should be https://drivershub05|{unique-id}/trucky|tracksim/update (Use 05 for premium plans and 10 for regular plans). Replace {unique-id} with the unique ID of the Drivers Hub provided during setup. Replace trucky|tracksim with either trucky or tracksim depending on the tracker platform.

Also, make sure you are submitting jobs with the tracker you set on the Drivers Hub. If you are the one who set up the Drivers Hub, your tracker may be set to unknown (for previous versions) or the current default value trucky, thus if you are tracking jobs with tracksim, your jobs will not be logged. You may manually Switch Tracker in Settings - General. Please note that one user may only choose to use one tracker to prevent duplicate jobs, and error messages will only be sent as response to the webhook, rather than to audit log - to prevent the audit log being flooded with error messages from users who have installed multiple trackers in VTCs that have configured multiple trackers.

If the audit log mentions Invalid Signature, double-check that you have configured the Webhook Secret correctly, as provided by the tracker platform when creating the webhook. You may leave it empty if you are unsure how to configure it, but this could result in jobs from unauthorized sources being logged.

In the case of Blocked by delivery rules in the audit log, you might need to update the 'Delivery Rules' to relax the requirements.