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I don't see data in the Pending Division Validation Requests table, why?

Please check the following:

  1. Ensure there is at least one pending division validation request submitted by a driver.
  2. Confirm that you have the Manage Divisions permission.
  3. Make sure one of your roles is included in the Staff Roles of at least one division.

Once these conditions are met, you should see data in the table.

I don't see the division button in the speed dial, why?

Consider the following possibilities:

  1. The driver who submitted the job did not request division validation.
  2. You lack the Manage Divisions permission.
  3. None of your roles are included in the Staff Roles of the division the driver requested.

Can division staff change the division of the validation request?

If a driver submitted a validation request in the wrong division, a staff member can change it, but only if they have the authority to manage both the original and desired divisions. Drivers cannot update the request themselves once it's submitted.

For example, for a division validation request in Agriculture division that should be in Construction division, the staff member must be included in the "Staff Roles" for both Agriculture and Construction divisions to change the division of the request.

Is it possible to automate division validation?

Unfortunately, no. The division system is intentionally designed for manual operation. Division managers and supervisors are encouraged to conduct thorough checks, including cargo, damage, time taken, and the route. For automations, please refer to the challenge plugin.