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Drivers Hub Domain

I don't have a domain, how could I use CHub?

If you haven't purchased a domain, don't worry. We offer a free subdomain under for your use. To utilize CHub's subdomain as your Drivers Hub domain, simply append a string plus a . before, like or Please ensure that the string contains at least 3 characters, and be aware that we reserve the right to change the subdomain if it contains inappropriate text.

I have a domain, how could I use it?

To use your own domain, create a CNAME record with the value/target set to You can configure this on your registrar or nameserver provider (e.g., CloudFlare). If you have any questions, search the web or contact the support of your domain registrar or nameserver provider.

Please note that if you are using a free TLD, such as tk, cf, ga, or ml, Steam may consider it suspicious and prevent OAuth. This could make it impossible for users to connect or register with a Steam account.

I get "Custom domain must CNAME to" error even when the record is created, why?

For regular nameserver services, it may take up to 48 hours for the changes to be effective. Please check the DNS record here.

If you are using CloudFlare, please disable Proxy for the CNAME record when doing Drivers Hub setup. After the setup, you are free to enable Proxy back.

Could I use my own domain for purposes other than Drivers Hub?

Absolutely, yes. The Drivers Hub only occupies the root domain or one subdomain based on your CNAME record. We do not engage in "delegating domains" that would restrict your ability to manage your domain independently. Feel free to create as many DNS records as needed, ensuring they do not conflict with the Drivers Hub.

However, please be cautious and refrain from delegating your domain to other services. Doing so may result in the removal of the DNS record for the Drivers Hub, rendering it inaccessible.