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Initial Setup

Creating an "empty" Drivers Hub, with default configuration.

  1. Open CHub

  2. Click Click to login and sign in with your Discord Account.
    Note that you must join our Discord Server to be able to setup a Drivers Hub (But this isn't required when signing up & loging in)

  3. Select favourable plugins.
    You do not need to select the frontend version, V1 was already removed and V3 is under development.

  4. Select Subscription Plan.
    Regular Plan is usually enough, but if you want much better service and support, you could choose Premium Plan. The backend and frontend programs have no differences for different plans.

  5. Input Information of your Virtual Trucking Company.
    Note that abbreviation is not changeable. Drivers Hub Domain could be updated by Project Team when requested but it cannot be updated on subscriber side. All other info can be edited in Configuration tab of Drivers Hub.
    We provide free Drivers Hub Domain in case you not yet have one. It will be subdomain of and it looks like For example, it could be for At The Mile Logistics. The yourvtc is not required to be same as abbreviation.
    If you are using custom domain, you must create a CNAME (DNS) record pointing to our domain
    Below is an example of inputs
    *There are some more fields in the latest version, you should fill them as instructed.

  6. Submit and wait.
    Server will set up everything automatically after you submitted, this might take a few minutes. Then you'll be given an email (the email of your Discord Account) & password for root login. Carefully save the password before performing further actions as it's only shown once. (The password in the image is removed for security purpose.) You'll also be instructed to pay development fee and subscribe.

Next Step: Login to Drivers Hub