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Navio Integration

Previous Step: Configure The Discord Application.
You've finished configuring the Discord Application and any user with a Discord Account is able to log in to Drivers Hub. Now we'll configure Navio Integration to start accepting jobs, and add members to navio company automatically when they are accepted as drivers.

  1. Create a Truckspace Account for Navio at

  2. Create a company in Navio at

  3. Switch integrations tab, create a webhook
    The format is: https://{api_domain}/{abbr}/navio. {api_domain} varies based on the plan, it's for Premium Plan and for Regular Plan. {abbr} is the abbreviation of the company. For example, it will be for Example Company on Regular Plan.

  4. Regenerate API secret, copy it, switch to Drivers Hub Configuration tab, paste it as navio_api_token.

Next Step: Configure Roles, Perms and Ranks.