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Custom Application

1. Info
1.1. script, style tag are filtered out.
1.2. To go back to default application, leave the field empty.
1.3. If you haven't set up custom application before, the text below is default application.
2. Basic Usage
2.1. You are free to code your own HTML application.
2.2. Text input (e.g. date / text), textarea, select, radio, checkbox are supported.
2.3. For text input, textarea, select, assign them ID like "applicationNAnswerA" (N is application type, A is the ID of question)
2.4. For radio, checkbox, assign them NAME like "applicationNAnswerA" (e.g. application1Answer3)
2.5. You should add a "question" before the answer box, assign it ID like "applicationNQuestionA" (A should be the same as the answer's)
2.6. A maximum of 100 questions & answers is supported.
3. Advanced Usage
3.1. You can create your own application type, just add more "option" to #appselect (value is application ID). You also need to add "div" with ID "ApplicationA" (A is ID) to make them display when user select an application.
3.2. For staff application, a select with ID "application2Answer3" is reserved to display open staff positions, updated in Staff - Application.
3.3. For divisions, you can add divisions by adding "option" to "application4Answer1". And like application type, add "div" with ID "DivisionA" (A is ID) to make them display when user select a division.

Default application: default_application.html
Creating custom applications is challenging, feel free to create a ticket for help. We'll introduce better application system in Frontend V3 so you won't have to edit the HTML.